The Propulsion Platform Management System on board a modern nuclear submarine has to remain secure, intact and safe.

But it also contains valuable data that can be used to inform maintenance decisions when deciding what assets are safe to operate and those assets reaching the end of their useful and safe life.

Linking a data extraction tool that retained the integrity of the nuclear control system and operating in a confidential data environment meant that the Mimic Condition Monitoring system had to be up to the job.

The solution

As the Mimic Condition Monitoring System is in use throughout the Royal Navy it was a front runner for the choice of monitoring on board the new Astute Class submarines.But the customer also needed to extract information from the nuclear plant control system without degrading its integrity or adversely affecting the security status of the system.

James Fisher Mimic were approached to undertake the work to design and create an extraction system to fulfil the specification.

The necessary design and development work was undertaken and, after testing, was installed onto a custom built server and work station.This in turn was installed onto the submarine and subsequently tested and trialled to ensure that no breaches of the nuclear control system took place.

Having past in all respects the same solution was installed onto the Astute sister submarines Ambush and Artful.Having access to any data requested by the User (as long as it satisfies the security rules) Mimic can collect, store, analyse and report any numeric parameter within the control system.Each channel can have pre-set alarms and warnings that can be used to trigger remedial or maintenance tasks to ensure the safe running of the nuclear plant, the submarine propulsion and hotel systems.

Can collect, store, analyse and report any numeric parameter within a control system.