A major Cruise Line company wanted to gain the benefits from a Class CM Notation but had difficulty in presenting the data to Class Surveyors on demand.

The difficulty of extracting information from a planned maintenance scheduler and historian (such as AMOS M&P) and aligning it with data obtained and analysed within a vessels condition monitoring system was leading to Class Surveyors withdrawing a CM notation for an asset.

This was particularly annoying as the ship’s crew had diligently collected data in accordance with the class condition monitoring requirement and had acted in good faith and good practise for the maintenance of their asset. But the challenges faced by the Surveyor to understand the complete approach made the process too unmanageable.

The solution

James Fisher Mimic were approached to investigate a simple way of presenting data to the Class Surveyor on demand.

James Fisher Mimic worked with SpecTec, Lloyds Register and the cruise line company to create a simple CLASS REPORT that could be run from within AMOS M&P on demand.

The report brings together nominated asset data from both the planned maintenance historian and the condition monitoring system providing a templated report that satisfies all of the questions that the surveyor may have, such as, what data has been collected?How often was data collected?What are the alert/trigger threshold values? Have these values ever been exceeded and if so when and by how much?What remedial action was taken to rectify the exception? What was the value after the remedial work was completed?What is the current status?

By running the Class Report within AMOS M&P the Surveyor can display all of this information in one simple report.And then, if necessary can dig further into AMOS or the Mimic Condition Monitoring system for further information of clarification.

Once the report is “run” and “saved” it cannot be altered.It is therefore a fixed statement of the condition and history at that time.

But this does not have to be a Class report.It can be run by anyone at any time, such as a Superintendent wishing to know the history on an individual asset or a group of assets.

It can be run by shore staff wishing to compile KPI Reports.

And it can be run if the Company has to conduct any form of accident or event investigation that includes the maintenance history and/or operating profile of an asset.

As long as the asset is entered onto both the AMOS asset list and the Mimic CM database and data added then information can be extracted and the Class report run.