Mimic fluid monitoring imports oil analysis data automatically and directly from your oil analysis laboratory.

Alerts and thresholds are set in accordance with the laboratory recommendations and Mimic fluid monitoring will alert of any immediate or impending issues.

Mimic fluid monitoring image

Mimic fluid monitoring benefits:

  • Gives early indications of problems like contamination or lubricant degradation
  • Simple traffic light display for instant asset health checks
  • Oil analysis results can be configured to your own requirements
  • View all asset condition information through one system
  • Easy and simple access to all other condition information to determine the root cause of any contamination, including cause and effect details.

Mimic fluid monitoring features:

  • Imports data from spectrographic oil analysis programmes
  • Data imported automatically and displayed in Mimic fluid monitoring dashboard
  • Automated thresholds allow users to instantly see the status of the lubricating fluid
  • Inbuilt graphics to allow the production and trending of contamination elements to be tracked over time
  • Users are alerted of a loss of lubricating capability and/or asset poor performance well before failure occurs allowing preventative maintenance action. Prevention of failures improves improved vessel availability which in turn helps to maintain reputation. It also reduces significant costs associated with being off-hire as a result of mechanical breakdown, and removes costly spare parts consumption associated with intrusive and breakdown maintenance.
  • This information can provide the basis for predictive trending that can be used for future maintenance planning in conjunction with other sources of condition data.