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What we do

What we do

For more than 25 years James Fisher Mimic has supported our customers in optimising maintenance strategies and operations to help improve the condition and performance of their assets.

Mimic is a piece of condition monitoring software that detects any operational changes in machinery and equipment, flagging poor performance well before failiure occurs.

Data acquisition

Mimic ensures that the condition data collected is high quality and taken at the correct intervals to ensure the effectiveness of your condition-based maintenance system.

Data analysis 

Mimic’s smart dashboard makes data analysis easy - indication of an asset’s condition is instantly displayed by a traffic light system.

Further analysis is available by drilling down into the recorded data, or can be passed to Mimic engineers for remote diagnostic support.

Information reporting

Mimic delivers both simple and complex performance results as required. From assessing the data at entry to the creation of complex key performance reports, Mimic can deliver tailored information to suit client needs.


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