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James Fisher Mimic have proudly provided condition monitoring software and services to the UK Royal Navy (RN) for over 20 years.

Mimic software was primarily designed around daily routines on-board the RN's warship and submarine fleets. Its functionality and purpose built design therefore mean 'Mimic tasks' have become engrained in the RN's daily maintenance activity.

Our Mimic software and range of condition monitoring products have evolved over the decades and are able to provide information to operators, maintainers and Commanders of modern fleets in order to sustain operational effectiveness.

All around the world governments are demanding more whilst spending less. Naval fleets have to adapt, and our products support those personnel who have to make the right decisions to ensure an efficient and cost effective naval force.

Surface combatants

The complexity of modern warships makes it imperative that people charged with operational and maintenance decisions are given accurate and detailed information when they need it. They need to know the exact condition of a vessel and its assets before tasking and despatching to a conflict area.

JF Mimic can supply a range of products, both existing and bespoke, to ensure that Fleet Commanders know the complete condition of their fleet.


The United Kingdom's Submarine Fleet has been using JF Mimic software since the 1990s to monitor and assess the condition of boats' machinery.

Early detection of machinery faults is paramount. JF Mimic's software and hardware can be used to reduce machinery faults, locate and mitigate noise signature issues, log and trend performance data and support the day-to-day operation of the boat.

Auxiliary and support vessels

A global navy needs reliable support ships: undertaking condition monitoring maintenance techniques provides navies with that reliability.

JF Mimic has supported the UK's Royal Fleet Auxiliary for over ten years and has developed the significant knowledge and experience of the specific support required.


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