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James Fisher Mimic’s marine engineering experience has allowed us to develop condition monitoring solutions  for the world’s shipping industry.

In order to ensure return on investment, it is vital that modern ships have an effective maintenance strategy. Traditional class requirements of a vessel stipulate that a machine should be opened according to operation hours. However considering an estimated 70% of equipment failures are a direct result of intrusive maintenance, this type of unnecessary maintenance should be avoided.   Mimic provides the insight to avoid the problems associated with unnecessary maintenance.

Cruise ships

The importance of condition-based maintenance in the commercial shipping industry continues to increase meaning growing numbers of cruise line operators are now using JF Mimic products.

Our Turbocharger Monitoring technology is already used on over 150 turbines throughout the cruise industry, ensuring the safety of passengers and voyage times are on schedule.

Tankers and bulkers

The productivity of any cargo vessel relies on its ability to continue to trade.  Machinery failures have a significant impact on that ability, causing damage to reputation and unforeseen costs.  Mimic eliminates such problems, detecting potential equipment failure before it occurs. 

JF Mimic’s experience in the marine industry has made us the provider of choice for ship owners and operators.


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