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On-line monitoring systems


The Mimic on-line software module provides the solution to recording good quality data at regular intervals.

Mimic replaces the need for time consuming hand held data collection, ensuring adequate coverage for critical assets and overcomes health and safety environment issues for engineers on site.

Mimic on-line monitoring not only ensures good quality data at the prescribed time intervals, it ensures that the data is relevant to data analysis and condition based maintenance decision making. Mimic on-line is a configurable "rules" based system which ensures that data is only collected when the situation or environment demands it. This in turn prevents database overload and the storage of unwanted and useless data.

Where possible Mimic can be linked to existing sensors reducing unnecessary costs. All forms of data, from vibration signature to oil and hydraulic fluid contamination can be collected and on entry Mimic checks the values against pre-set alert threshold and indicates exceptions and/or alarms via the dash-board.

Mimic on-line enables maintenance engineers to collect essential machine operating data more cost-effectively, efficiently and in greater frequency that monitoring with a portable instrument. Other advantages include peace of mind, knowing that machines are being monitored 24/7, and the ability to access operating data anywhere and anytime.

Mimic on-line benefits

  • regular and consistent monitoring provide greater insights into the actual status of vital machinery and equipment
  • replaces the need for time consuming hand held data collection
  • overcomes health and safety environment issues for engineers on site

Mimic on-line features

  • links with existing control systems
  • links to Ethernet signals or direct to an analogue output
  • data is collected via a network LAN and stored within the database against a relevant channel

Integrated platform management systems

Mimic’s ability to seamlessly interface with 3rd party control systems enables users to view a comprehensive range of asset operational data in one system.

The Mimic Control System Interface provides maintenance managers with access to an invaluable resource of data that is often locked away within modern control systems and provides a simple and cost-effective monitoring solution:

  • Seamlessly interfaces with third party control systems
  • Imports data into the Mimic database to display the full health of your assets
  • Exports information to maintenance management systems and other reports
  • Provides early warnings of preventable machinery failures
  • Enables users to avoid or mitigate machinery breakdowns

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