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Mimic condition monitoring software

Mimic enables you to eliminate unscheduled breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and increase your operational capability.

Mimic ensures that your maintenance decisions are driven by the condition and performance of your assets rather than on a recommended time basis, reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance.

Mimic is a Condition Monitoring Software system designed with the user in mind. A simple, intuitive dashboard enables complex analysis and diagnostics to be understood at first glance. Its innovative traffic light display shows the instant health of any asset with further specific performance information also available, for detailed analysis allowing judgements to be made both quickly and easily. 

The dash board indicators within Mimic’s condition monitoring system allow the user to continually assess the operational status of all assets listed on the database with ease.

Mimic benefits

  • Eliminates unscheduled breakdowns
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases operational capability and productivity
  • Optimises the performance of your assets

Continuous development

We recognise that modern maintenance strategies involve a wide range of monitoring techniques and tools, and JF Mimic is increasingly the go-to company for all forms of monitoring. We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions to specific requirements.

Monitoring techniques

Mimic identifies the optimum time to conduct maintenance activities that in turn realises savings by reducing downtime for unexpected repairs. Mimic can also be used to fulfil Classification Society compliance when used as part of a condition-based maintenance approach.


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