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Computerised maintenance management systems interface


Organisations that have incorporated condition monitoring systems are already reaping the rewards that modernisation can bring.

Realistically however, attempting simultaneous planning of both asset management and the scheduling of maintenance separately can prove rather complex within a busy working environment.

Mimic recognises this, which is why our condition monitoring system has an interfacing module to link condition monitoring to maintenance schedulers providing a seamless, integrated management system, thus avoiding the operational difficulties that a disjointed system can bring.

The integrating of systems allows users to obtain a complete planning tool.  Condition monitoring tasks are therefore scheduled and reported in one place, asset status can be examined and maintenance and defect work planned centrally.

Mimic’s CMMS interface allows all of the Condition Monitoring data and information to be viewed within one system which in turn allows a complete overview of the vessel or plant’s status so that decisions can be made with both accuracy and confidence.

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