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Turbocharger monitoring  


A turbocharger is a vital part of a ship’s propulsion system, achieving up to 75% more power from the same engine. When a turbo fails, the implications can be both catastrophic and costly.

It’s not simply the financial cost of extra time in port, waiting for spares, or increased fuel consumption that can be detrimental to your organisation, but the blemished reputation that comes from an inability to deliver on schedule. 

Mimic’s Turbocharger monitoring system detects a fault immediately allowing repairs to be scheduled well before failure occurs, meaning the overall cost of implementing condition monitoring is far less than that of unscheduled breakdowns and repairs.

Working alongside leading cruise line operators, James Fisher Mimic has developed a comprehensive measuring system for Turbochargers.

Our innovative software can monitor up to four Turbochargers simultaneously with gas temperatures, levels of vibration, speed and changes in air pressure continually being displayed to provide crew with accurate, detailed service information which can be accessed both locally, in the ships control room or online.

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