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Thermography is a versatile and effective diagnostic technique.

Thermography benefits include:

  • Can be used in live electrical systems
  • Totally non-destructive
  • No contact
  • Safe to use on moving objects, as well as very hot objects and high voltage systems
  • Indicates faults and triggers maintenance
  • Used as a “work acceptance” gauge
  • Supports planned maintenance and avoids unplanned outages

JF Mimic specialises in thermographic surveys of electrical systems and hot areas, although we are able to apply this technology in many other applications as required.

Electrical thermography

Electrical systems are the most safety-critical items within ships and industrial buildings. Traditional inspections mean switching off electrical circuits and checking for tightness of joints and connections and evidence of tracking.

The use of an infrared camera and thermal imaging avoids the time taken to switch off systems by undertaking the inspection visually, whilst the circuit is live.

All electrical circuits can be tested in this manner up to 440 volts. Above this, specialist windows need to be incorporated into the panels.

A simple inspection by JFM can avoid the cost of a possible electrical fire and the consequent losses involved.

A routine (annual) inspection can be all that is required to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation, classification requirements and to have the confidence that your plant is safe.

Hot area thermography

Health and safety legislation requires hot pipe work and systems to have adequate insulation. Over time this degrades and can lead to non-compliance of H&S legislation and cause potential danger.

Hot surfaces not only cause injuries, they can also be the source of fires and accidents that can have catastrophic consequences.

JF Mimic’s hot area thermography inspections provide the reassurance that all is safe and in compliance with legislation.


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