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Software Interface

The Mimic CM software system uses various software interfacing modules to join/link with other, third party, products with the purpose of increasing the overall User experience of each system.

Mimic interfaces with both “input” and “output” systems to enable simplified and accurate data acquisition and detailed and informative analysis results.

SpecTec AMOS Maintenance & Procurement (AMOS M&P) provides fleet wide control of your Maintenance, Inventory and Procurement processes; minimising the risk of downtime while maintaining tight control over your budgets.


Teromarine's TM Master system increases management control, significantly reduces operational complexity, thus enabling ship owners to reduce the cost of operations whilst retaining the value of their assets.



Ulysses is a company dedicated to the provision of first class software and services to the public sector.  They work in partnership with organisations to develop new systems.


IFS UMMS is a comprehensive web-enabled maintenance management and reporting system deployed to support the majority of the Surface, Submarine and Auxiliary Fleets in the UK RN as well as all RN/Industry Shore Support organisations.


Isherwoods can provide a full range of Information Technology (IT) consultation and software development services.



Valmarine Valmatic offers a market leading HMI solution for operators and maintenance personnel. The system concept is modular and flexible with high processing power to solve the most demanding functional tasks.



L-3 MAPPS Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) provides integrated monitoring and control of ship propulsion, electrical functions, auxiliaries and damage control machinery and systems.


Siemans' EcoMAIN Decision Support System will help you to fully exploit the commercial potential of your ship by optimising its operation.



Terasaki provides "power distribution systems" and "engine monitoring and control systems" worldwide.


ICON research ITA 1 is a 16 Channel Ethernet Data Acquisition Node designed for vibration-related measurement applications.


Diagnostic Solutions' objective is to make the benefits of vibration monitoring as a predictive maintenance tool accessible to all, not just to those with in-house specialists and large budgets.


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