Mimic avoids vessel downtime

Implementing condition monitoring (CM) as part of a condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy is vital to avoid machinery failures that can lead to vessel downtime.

Discover how in the case study below.

Machinery: Main engine oil pump

Sensor data used: Vibration


Alarm threshold exceeded. James Fisher Mimic’s (JF Mimic’s) vibration monitoring system identified high vibration amplitudes on the machinery.


Through JF Mimic’s remote analysis service, ship engineering staff were notified directly by JF Mimic CM consultants to investigate the cause of high vibration on the machinery with accompanying recommendations.


Ship engineering staff followed the corrective action proposed by JF Mimic analysts and fitted Stiffener Braces to the machinery bed plate to reduce vibration levels. This reduced vibration amplitudes back to an acceptable level.

Benefits of CBM

  • Vibration monitoring identified a resonant frequency issue with the machinery.
  • Engineering staff were able to respond accordingly to resolve the issue and avoid a potential machinery failure.
  • The ship was able to continue operation with no downtime and no impact on revenue.

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