Mimic data integration streamlines CM reports


  • A major shipping company wanted to meet Class CM notation requirements.
  • The difficulty of extracting information from a planned maintenance scheduler and historian (e.g. AMOS M&P) and aligning it with data obtained and analysed within a vessels condition monitoring system, was leading to class surveyors withdrawing a CM notation for an asset.
  • The original process was un-manageable and created frustration through time lost in obtaining the data, highlighting the need for a simple method to present data to the Class Surveyor on demand.


  • James Fisher Mimic (JFM) worked with SpecTec, Lloyds Register and the shipping company to create a simple Class Report that could be generated from within AMOS M&P on demand.
  • The report accumulates nominated asset data from both the planned maintenance historian (e.g. AMOS asset list) and the condition monitoring system (e.g. Mimic), providing a templated report that satisfies all of the questions that the surveyor may have, including:
    • What data has been collected and how often?
    • What are the alert/trigger threshold values?
    • Have these values been exceeded and if so when and by how much?
    • What remedial action was taken to rectify the exception?
    • What was the value after the remedial work was completed?
    • What is the current status?
  • The method provides a fixed statement of the condition and history of the vessel at that time.


  • In collaboration with SpecTec, Lloyds Register and the shipping company, JFM successfully created a simple method of presenting the relevant information a Class Surveyor requires on demand, saving ship’s crew valuable time.
  • The system supported additional use cases including Superintendents wanting to know the history on an individual asset or group of assets.
  • Shore staff utilised the system to compile KPI reports, helping to maximise operational targets.
  • Should the shipping company need to conduct an accident or event investigation that includes the maintenance history or operating profile of an asset, the report is a critical supporting document.

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