Mimic supports cruise ship’s maiden voyage


  • On-board a major cruise line’s flagship vessel, James Fisher Mimic’s (JFM) condition monitoring system is installed across a range of critical assets, providing actionable insights into the condition and health of the machinery.
  • An issue was identified on a centrifugal pump that provides cooling to a number of the ships auxiliary systems.
  • Vibration levels significantly exceeded pre-defined thresholds.
  • Left undetected, significant damage could have been caused to the pump and linked auxiliary machinery, proving costly.


  • Technology - JFM’s condition monitoring software identified vibration readings above pre-defined thresholds, forcing the system into alarm.
  • Remote analysis service - As part of the vibration data analysis service, a JFM engineer provided direct feedback to the engineering crew on-board identifying the issue, probable cause, and recommended corrective actions.
  • Proactive action - Following the insights provided by JFM, proactive action could be taken on-board including the replacement of the pump’s bearings allowing the pump to operate within normal vibration thresholds.

Results and benefits

  • The early detection of an issue on-board the vessel prevented significant damage being caused to the pump and linked auxiliary machinery, saving money and increasing vessel reliability and performance.
  • The asset insights provided by JFM enabled the cruise operator to use its vessel data to make informed, proactive decisions to continuously improve its maintenance practices, increasing the lifespan of its fleet.
  • Utilised across the cruise operator’s wider fleet, JFM’s condition monitoring solution continues to ensure the avoidance of significant failures and unnecessary maintenance, highlighting the value and importance of condition-based maintenance.

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JFM identifies issue - alarm raised.Following recommended actions – return to normal vibration threshold.