Accelerating marine digital transition with major new software release

James Fisher Mimic (JFM) launches significant upgrade to condition monitoring technology for global maritime and marine defence sectors.

Trusted by leading cruise vessel owners, prominent global commercial ship operators and the UK’s Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Mimic is renowned for its powerful ability to seamlessly capture, connect and combine any vessel data. This data provides actionable insights into machinery health and performance on any fleet, anywhere in the world and at any time. Mimic 5 represents a significant upgrade of JFM’s leading condition monitoring technology, with new features and enhanced capabilities to further improve vessel reliability, increase uptime, enhance safety and save maintenance costs.

Through automated, online and wireless data collection from vibration sensors, process sensors and vessel control systems, Mimic 5 enables condition and performance monitoring of machinery, vessels and fleets. The technology analyses vibration data, fluid quality, performance and efficiency to inform a data driven proactive maintenance strategy. Driven by client feedback, Mimic 5 is fully fleet enabled meaning clients and navies with fleets around the world can compare vessel data within one central platform – improving reliability and increasing uptime.

Aligning with emerging technologies and techniques within the maritime and military sectors, Mimic 5 is capable of viewing big data in a cross-platform, browser-based application with an improved high-performance data visualisation interface. Fully compatible with cloud-based environments, Mimic 5 is paving the way for a holistic maintenance approach, reducing maintenance, increasing efficiency and saving money.

Paul Mount, general manager at JFM says:

“Mimic 5 has been several years in the planning and has been created following close and extensive engagement with our customers to ensure Mimic 5 provides significant benefit and even more compelling value, helping vessel owners and operators on their digitalisation journey from a maintenance perspective.

The technology has been designed and developed in-house by our own software development team, allowing us to ensure we deliver yet another reliable and robust software, and one which can accommodate big data, is cloud-based and is compatible with a wide range of data collection possibilities making it really this and next generation ready.”

Moving towards predictive maintenance strategies, improving the overall health and performance of individual vessels and fleets will help to reduce environmental impact – supporting the push for operators to implement digital solutions.

JFM form part of James Fisher Asset Information Services (AIS) the Group’s digital centre of excellence, with a team of data scientists and AI specialists. AIS drives innovation, design and deploys new value-adding technologies to its global maritime and oil and gas clients.

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