Martin Briddon retires from James Fisher Mimic

The JF Mimic team pays a special tribute to Martin Briddon as he prepares to step down from his current post to enter retirement.

After 17 years at James Fisher Mimic (JFM), Martin Briddon MBE will retire at the end of June from his role as business development manager to enjoy some well-deserved time with his family.

From the very beginning of his JFM journey in 2003, Martin worked in partnership with the Royal Navy (RN), taking on the responsibility of ensuring the Mimic condition monitoring system provided integrated condition monitoring solutions within the RN fleet. This responsibility meant that Martin had to ensure the Mimic software solution was able to continually analyse asset conditions, vibration data, performance and efficiency to guarantee every RN mission was completed smoothly.

This was not Martin’s first experience working with the RN. Before his career with JFM, Martin served 34 years in the RN, where he joined HMS Ganges, the RN’s engineering school, at the age of 15. Martin progressed through the ranks and took on his first senior role as deputy marine engineering officer on board a type 21 frigate, before transferring to the ‘small ship Navy’ and becoming marine engineering officer for two mine counter measure vessels. He was finally appointed as warrant officer and awarded the MBE for services to the Royal Navy.

Commenting on his career at JFM, Martin said:

’My time at Mimic has flown by and over the years I have met a massive amount of fantastic people. Not only will I miss the close-knit family of supportive, often very passionate and compassionate friends I have made at Mimic but also the many hundreds of people I have met along the way.
I have always enjoyed preaching and teaching the gospel of condition monitoring and Mimic to everyone I have met but I have also learned so much from many and will certainly miss the camaraderie.’’

During his JFM career, Martin was also responsible for working with commercial ship owners and operators to enhance their maintenance approach, and even spent significant time working alongside individual companies to reduce their maintenance budget spends.

Paul Mount, general manager at JFM, said:

“I’ve known Martin professionally for more than fifteen years and have worked with him directly for the past three years. Martin’s knowledge of condition monitoring and ships is unrivalled, his passion and energy in his field is incredible. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with him, I’ve enjoyed his company immensely, he’ll be sorely missed by all of us at JF Mimic.”

Martin’s extensive engineering experience and insight of performance indicators and condition monitoring was brought along with him to JFM and has helped to guide many engineering operators and maintainers over the years to make better informed decisions.

In retirement Martin plans to maintain his links with the RN and continue with regular HMS Ganges Association meetings, which is an association that reunites fellow shipmates who served time at HMS Ganges.

Martin, our sincere thanks, we wish you well.