Meet the team

Business Development Manager, Stuart Petrie

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up and live in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I began my career working offshore performing vessel entry industrial cleaning. Having always been interested about how companies communicate with their stakeholders, I completed a course at university in Corporate Communication which has helped me get to where I am today in business development.

During lockdown, I’ve found myself participating in regular walks and experimenting a lot more in the kitchen, making a variety of Moroccan and Caribbean dishes. After taking inspiration from the Great Pottery Throw down, I’m looking into pottery making classes, so keep a look out for my side-line of James Fisher Mimic (JFM) mugs coming soon…

How did you come to join the James Fisher group?

I’ve been with the James Fisher group for over six years and feel the organisation has shown great strength and adaptability during these difficult times.

I began working at James Fisher Offshore (JFO) where I focused on the Ingersol Rand product line and drilling contractors before moving into the subsea division. I spent time in Holland building up the JFO customer base, which was a brilliant experience.

In September 2020, I was made aware of the JFM business development position and saw this as a great career development opportunity. Im particularly fascinated by technology and understanding how digital solutions are being used to transform the maritime industry – with JFM’s condition monitoring technology, Mimic, playing a key role in this transformation. Working closely with James Fisher’s digital hub, James Fisher Asset Information Services (AIS), it’s fantastic to see how Mimic forms an integral part of the wider digitalisation strategy.

Tell us about your role

I work closely with ship owners and operators who are looking to get a better understanding of critical machinery performance and how this information can be used to improve their maintenance procedures – improving reliability, increasing uptime, saving money and enhancing safety.

At JFM we want to find out more about our customers, the maintenance strategy they have in place and any challenges they face within that strategy. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with our stakeholders to identify the best solutions for our customers, as well as enhancing the user experience of our condition monitoring platform, Mimic.

Like many, Ive been working from home since joining the company, which has afforded me the time to engage with a number of customers from around the world at the simple push of a button.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I’ve always enjoyed meeting and speaking with new people and in my role, this is something I get to do regularly. Adjusting to remote working and conference calls/product demonstrations has been a challenge, but it certainly makes the world seem like a smaller place and people more accessible.

What does the future hold for Mimic condition monitoring?

Shortly, we will be rolling out the latest version of our Mimic software, Mimic 5. I am really looking forward to demonstrating the new features to both new and existing customers – with an aim to improve their maintenance strategies.

Working closely with AIS, we have been exploring methods to integrate our capabilities with its digital twin solution, R2S. This collaboration will provide oil and gas operators, vessel owners and operators with improved asset management and maintenance strategies – based on performance-based data which will enable data-driven decision making. It’s a fantastic time to be part of the company and Im excited to help this area of the business develop.

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