Mimic 5

Accelerating marine digital transformation with major new software release.

James Fisher Mimic (JFM) is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its most advanced condition and performance monitoring technology yet for the global maritime and marine defence sectors.

Mimic 5 represents a significant upgrade of new features and enhanced capabilities to further improve global fleet data analytics, enhance the end user experience, deliver value-add functionality, and leverage big data techniques and artificial intelligence.

All developments have been focused on ensuring vessel owners and operators gain actionable insights into machinery health and performance across their fleet to increase asset availability, reduce vessel downtime, ensure safe operations and reduce maintenance costs.

Unlock the power of your fleet data today.

Why Mimic 5?

  • Fleet Analytics - global database and big data ready
  • Future-proofed, using the latest technologies:
    • Net 5.0
    • Microsoft Entity Framework
    • Containerization
    • Cloud ready
  • Enhanced UI/UX to improve the end user experience
  • Wireless vibration data collection
  • Efficiency analytics and machine learning

New features and capabilities

Big data

Powerful big data capture and analysis feature, making it simple for users to make informed business decisions based on large and complex data sets.

Fleet dashboards

Built-in high-performance data visualisation interface enabling customers to understand and analyse fleet wide data.

Fleet enabled

Fully fleet enabled providing the environment to:

  • Clone vessels
  • Move/copy assets across fleet
  • ‘One touch’ alarm / warning modification, instantly modify alarm / warning across vessel/fleet
  • Compare vessel data across the fleet

Enhanced UI/UX

Browser-based and has a more extensive, modern and intuitive user experience.

Mimic 5 uses mobile-first technologies to ensure a rich and rewarding user experience on both tablets and desktop environments.

Crest factor

Used for estimating the amount of impact wear in a bearing and is now included in Mimic 5, enabling both trending and alarm/warning capabilities.

TWF and FFT storage

Stores both a TimeWaveForm (TWF) and an averaged FFT to enable enhanced analysis of raw signal data.

Wireless vibration data collection

Mimic 5 data collection includes the latest wireless Bluetooth accelerometer connected to an android device (tablet/phone) or directly into the vessel’s wireless network.

Cloud enabled

Fully compatible with cloud-based environments such as Azure and AWS, paving the way for zero site-based installations.

Efficiency, Machine Learning (ML) and AI

Contains the foundations for efficiency, ML and AI.

Future releases over 2021/22 will provide full capabilities for these new technologies.

Container compatible

Delivered fully containerised providing better security, reduced installation time and cost and ‘one click’ upgrading.


Incorporates the latest identity server user control security features.

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