James Fisher Mimic's remote data analysis and report service.

We provide thorough remote analysis of your condition monitoring data using our Mimic condition monitoring software. Vibration data is uploaded to our secure servers, typically every month or every quarter where our engineering vibration experts study the data and provide detailed reports which are both comprehensive and easy to understand. The report will highlight problematic machinery, possible causes and recommended corrective actions where applicable.

We believe that in depth analysis of vibration data and accurate prognosis can reduce future maintenance and repair costs by minimising the risk of extensive vibration on machinery and components.

Vibration analysis can be used to determine the root causes of defects problematic rotating machinery, such as: gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, pumps, mixers, driers - in fact, almost any type of active machinery.

It can also be used as a predictive maintenance tool to identify component faults, such as defective bearings, imbalance and misalignment, enabling you to take maintenance action before a failure in service brings your plant to a halt.