James Fisher Mimic offers vibration analysis training based on the ISO 18436-2: 2014 certification programme for vibration analyst category 1.

The course is intended for personnel who are new to vibration monitoring and have limited vibration analysis experience. The course equips delegates with the knowledge and competence to fully utilise for successful monitoring of all types of equipment, through an easy to follow step-by-step course syllabus to guide personnel through every scenario and the most suitable technology for detecting it.

Our training course is delivered by an experienced certified BINDT VA level 2 instructor using the BINDT 'Vibration Monitoring and Analysis' handbook.

Training courses can be tailored to suit customers specific requirements. Places are purposely limited to eight per course to ensure we deliver a focused programme.

The training course provides an excellent foundation for candidates who wish to progress with BINDT 'PCN VA Cat 1' certification.

The training course consists of the following modules:

Day one:

  • Introduction to condition monitoring
  • Introduction to vibration monitoring
  • Vibration severity measurement
  • Practical vibration measurement

Day two:

  • Vibration analysis and fault finding
  • Vibration analysis data acquisition
  • Vibration standards
  • Principles of vibration analysis
  • Practical data collection

Day three:

  • Recognition of poor data
  • Vibration spectral analysis
  • Introduction to resonance
  • Bearing fault diagnosis

Day four:

  • Introduction to balancing
  • Vibration acceptance testing
  • Vibration monitoring survey
  • Training examination (multi choice questions)