Mimic performance monitoring collects and analyses data from various disparate OEM machinery control systems already installed to produce meaningful performance based reports.

It uses the data already available throughout the vessel and is not limited to the engine room. Various and numerous measurement points can provide additional meaningful data that can be used both on board and ashore to manage and improve overall asset, system and vessel performance.

Mimic performance monitoring (PM) can incorporate data such as speed, load, power, pressure, temperature, logistics, usage, spillage, position, sea state, distance, contamination and many more: it can even be used to monitor the level of chlorine in a cruise vessel’s swimming pools.

Once collected information can be viewed on the Mimic user viewing screen or it can be published as a report.

Current reports in use with our clients include;

  • Main and auxiliary engine performance trials
  • Cathodic protection
  • Boiler feed water purity
  • Purifier efficiency

Mimic performance monitoring not only produces vessel specific reports, but also allows fleet or classes to be compared simply and quickly.