Mimic asset efficiency allows you to use efficiency status as a condition monitoring parameter.

Mimic asset efficiency provides the tools to create efficiency points which are calculated from a combination of already monitored readings to calculate, track, trend and report on asset efficiency, and can be used on any asset contained within the condition monitoring database such as the propulsion and auxiliary engines, boilers, cargo pumps and HVAC.

Mimic asset efficiency also introduces dynamic thresholds on all readings, having the alert status calculated based on the deviation from a baseline graph (efficiency curve), or any other desired calculation.

Points can be overlaid and compared in a scatter plot to evaluate the efficiency of an asset compared to its baseline state. Any baseline or sea trial behavior can be used as model behavior.

It is also possible to automatically calculate the deviation from the manufacturers or factory acceptance trials efficiency curve, and to initiate alerts based on your custom efficiency requirements.

  • Users are alerted of a loss of lubricating capability and/or asset poor performance well before failure occurs allowing preventative maintenance action. Prevention of failures improves improved vessel availability which in turn helps to maintain reputation. It also reduces significant costs associated with being off-hire as a result of mechanical breakdown, and removes costly spare parts consumption associated with intrusive and breakdown maintenance.
  • This information can provide the basis for predictive trending that can be used for future maintenance planning in conjunction with other sources of condition data.