Providing automated lube oil reporting, to gain early insights into the health of your assets.

Lube oil is an essential element for operating machinery onboard a vessel. The quality and condition of lube oil is crucial as it can help determine machinery lifespan. That is why examination and reporting is a fundamental activity of vessel maintenance programs, to help minimize wear and damage, and ensure consistent operation and vessel reliability.

Our Mimic fluid monitoring system with lube oil technology automatically imports instant lube oil health checks for all assets onboard. It allows users to instantly see the status of the lubricating oil and alerts to any immediate or impending issues, such as contamination or degradation, so that action can be taken. The technology can assess each individual element within the oil, such as Iron, Copper and Calcium to give a comprehensive overview.

With an intuitive interface that can be configured to meet users’ personal requirements, the system imports data from spectrographic oil analysis programs and is automatically displayed using a traffic light system within the fluid monitoring dashboard. Inbuilt graphics provide instant results, but also allow findings to be tracked over time, providing the basis for predictive trending to aid future maintenance planning.

Incorrect maintenance and repair continue to be one of the most frequent causes of main engine damage on vessels and the essential step to a good, ongoing lubrication program is oil analysis. In-action or human error when reporting could result in catastrophic failure and potentially vessel downtime, which can be frustrating and costly. Let Mimic lube oil technology help avoid this. Access to meaningful, interpreted oil analysis data also eradicates unnecessary topping up, meaning a reduction in lube oil consumption.

Watch our video below to see how you can check the health of your lube oil, using the simple Mimic fluid monitoring system.

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