Mimic turbocharger monitoring is specifically designed to monitor gas temperatures, levels of vibration, speed and changes in air pressure.

Mimic turbocharger monitoring is a fixed online system which can monitor up to four turbochargers simultaneously. Turbocharger condition can be viewed locally onboard and can also be linked to engine control systems for data collection and alarm notification. In addition it is possible to view performance ashore using an internet connection.

If a condition parameter breaches, the fault will be detected immediately allowing mitigating action to be taken and repairs scheduled well before the fault becomes catastrophic and expensive to replace.

Mimic turbocharger monitoring features:

  • Up to 4 turbochargers monitored on one unit
  • Up to 4 “process data” channels on each turbocharger
  • Compressor and turbine cleaning indicator
  • Up to 8 vibration channels on each unit
  • Optional touch screen control for user interface and analysis
  • No data logging when turbocharger and engine shut down
  • Configurable data collection based on likely failure modes and patterns
  • Stores full FFT
  • Interfaces with ships maintenance management system
  • Unit self-monitoring for assurance of operation
  • Can be installed as part of an existing IT network or stand alone